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London Sport Institute

Life-changing research into the world's most pressing and relevant topics form the bedrock of our London Sports Institute.

All students studying a sports degree – from foundation to PhD – immerse themselves in subjects taught by staff who are at the forefront of today's internationally renowned research.

Our approach to research is dynamic, bold and globally focused, evolving as our staff engage in new projects with our students – as well as colleagues and students from around the world.

Most importantly, our research has made a positive impact on society, the economy and more.

Our main research groups


Delves into human movement and the underlying mechanical, neural and physiological mechanisms.

Performance analysis

Examines elite teams engaged in sports such as soccer, rugby, golf, squash, basketball, canoe slalom and fencing.


Investigates bone mineral density in athletes, the female athlete triad and the effects of physical and psychological stress on health and illness during training, competition and altitude.


Explores the psychological factors affecting participation and performance in extreme sport (personality, thrill-seeking, reaction times). We also look at the relationship and working lives of sport coaches.

Rehabilitation exercise science

Focuses on the relationship between fine and gross motor skill and developmental dyslexia – and more.

Sports coaching and education 

Analyses the ways in which technology (such as iPads) and sport participation can improve student engagement and achievement in certain subject areas – as well as the overall student experience.

Strength and conditioning

Works to improve sport performance through developing strength and power – and monitoring fatigue and recovery.

Other areas of work

We're also looking into the role of exercise therapy in the older population, as well as researching healthy ageing, with a special focus on middle-age physical activity.

Our research students – and their work

Our outstanding research students – both undergraduate and postgraduate – have published their work in international journals and presented at international conferences. Dr Rhonda Cohen, Head of the London Sport Institute, was recently featured in our Research Impact Case Studies.


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