Studying in autumn 2020 during coronavirus

redLoop (design and innovation centre)

redLoop is a research-led, innovation and design collaboration centre run by the Faculty of Science and Technology

redLoop brings together research expertise, social and ethical philosophies and commercial experience from across the Faculty, the University and its collaborative networks. Our primary focus is to develop innovative, interdisciplinary work areas across a broad range of applied research and commercial scenarios in the product, service, interaction, user-experience and technology sectors.

redLoop is driven by collaborative innovation. We work with research teams and form project groups to develop and deliver projects that increase the impact and potential of the University's work for internal and external partners, networks and clients.

We operate as a 'transition space' between the University and the outside world :

  • We provide students with amazing opportunities to work on real design and technology development projects. Our placement students and post-graduate interns gain the kind of experience and have the mind-set that commercial employers dream of and they go on to find great jobs. If you are a student or recent graduate and would like to get involved then please go to the 'Internships' page on the redLoop website for more information.
  • We manage design and innovation projects, develop leading-edge creative schemes and proposals borne out of the unique research and knowledge developed in the University and then build flexible and scalable teams of experts from across the University to meet client and project demands.

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