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Centre for Decision Analysis and Risk Management (DARM)

Like it or not, risk is an ever-expanding concern in contemporary life. Whether in business, public health, the environment or our private lives, the need to assess, analyse and manage risk factors is something we can't avoid.

All aspects of life involve decision and risk. Many of these decisions and risks are simply part of life, and are therefore not consciously made or understood. However, professional decisions and risks are altogether more accountable and controversial. Individual stakeholders expect to know the causes and consequences.

Cutting through controversy

Yet, that's often part of the problem. Decisions about the environment and health care, for example, are frequently examined by scientists, clinicians, patients, pressure groups, the courts, the news-media, and academics. They are rarely explored from multiple perspectives simultaneously.

Similarly, the impacts of commercial and business risk decisions are seldom measured using holistic methodologies. Each group starts from its own values and preconceptions and uses specific, favoured methods of analysis - which is one of the reasons why risk issues tend to be controversial.

Seeing it differently

Few centres conduct extensive, multi-disciplinary research into decision-making and risk management - but this is precisely what's needed to bring about balanced decisions about how best to manage risk in today's increasingly complex and diverse societies. That's why the Centre for Decision Analysis and Risk Management (DARM) exists. Our rationale is to seek to determine and understand the common features of decision-making. Our experts examine the diverse models and methodologies employed for the technical assessment of risk, to develop a common approach to managing their outputs.

Going beyond research

Our staff do plenty more than research. For a start, they teach across a variety of academic courses:

Additionally, they lead professional training and mentoring courses.

Finally, the Centre works with organisations to provide innovative solutions in risk management and decision analysis problems.

Contact us

For any enquiries regarding Risk Management Courses, Research or Services, please contact John Watt.

For enquiries about Occupational Health and Safety Courses and Services, it's Alan Page.

Centre for Decision Analysis and Risk Management
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Middlesex University
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