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Estimating the cultural heritage stock at risk to air pollution damage

This research reviewed the challenges, possible approaches and progress to date in estimating heritage stock at risk. The particular challenge for air pollution work and, more particularly economic assessment at regional level, is that few inventories currently contain systematic data on materials.  Cost estimates are relatively straightforward in area terms (e.g. per square metre of exposed limestone), easy to measure on individual buildings, but it is difficult to estimate how much heritage material is affected at larger scales.  Interesting methods based on developing 'identikits' in housing stock, which can often be relatively uniform across whole areas, were difficult to apply to the much more varied heritage stock.

The following chapter from our book, presents an overview of this research:

Watt, J., Doytchinov, S., Lefèvre, R-A., Ionescu, A., de la Fuente, D. and Drdácký, M. (2009) Stock at Risk.  In Watt, J., Tidblad, J., Kucera, V. and Hamilton, R. (2009) The Effects of Air Pollution on Cultural Heritage, Springer, pp 147-188

An electronic version of the book or the individual chapter may be purchased here

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