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Economic appraisal of air pollution effects on heritage

This research evaluates the ways that people's values may be incorporated into heritage preservation decision making.  It shows how conservation values (such as 'truth to materials' or 'reversibility of treatments') can be built into the calculations of costs for maintenance or repair. Equally importantly it examines ways to estimate people's willingness to pay to protect heritage, specifically interventions to maintain it rather than attempting to value the intrinsic worth of an object itself.  The results can then be used to balance against the costs in order to develop funding plans.  The following chapter from our book, presents an overview of this research:

Watt, J., Navrud, S., Drdácký, M. and Yates, T. (2009) Economic Evaluation.  In Watt, J., Tidblad, J., Kucera, V. and Hamilton, R. (2009) The Effects of Air Pollution on Cultural Heritage, Springer, pp189-214

An electronic version of the book or the individual chapter may be purchased here

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