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Decision Research

We are interested in the way that people think, make decisions and communicate and have a number of active research projects underway:

  • Justin Okoli has recently completed his PhD and published a number of papers exploring the way that firefighters make decisions and lessons that can be learnt for future training, especially in developing countries, using a naturalistic decision making (NDM) approach
  • Simone Rozzi has also recently completed his PhD, which examined human interactions with automated systems, in this case alarms in air traffic management, and evaluated ways that organisational characteristics influenced change management
  • Natasha Oyibo is carrying out a risk communication study on maternal mortality using a mental models approach
  • Ahmed Bolori is interested in the role of risk perception and trust in understanding community responses to the impact of oil production in parts of the Niger Delta
  • Anne Elliot is researching into how the way middle aged people approach exercise is influenced by earlier events in their lives, especially their experience of physical education (PE) in school. Click here to view more details

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