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BLOG: What effects does the job have on content moderators?


Qualitative findings re: Impacts on content moderators

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BLOG: What helps content moderators cope with the job?


Qualitative findings re: Coping

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BLOG: Why Daniel Motaung’s lawsuit could be good news for us all


Daniel Motaung’s case may make Facebook liable for the mental health of its outsourced content moderators, opening the doors for other lawsuits. This is something that we should all support.

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BLOG: ‘I can’t focus on anything else until I know this child is safe’ - Q&A with a Content Moderator


We ask a content moderator about their job and why they do what they do

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BLOG: Project Podcast: Introduction


We discuss the project in this short podcast

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BLOG: Content Moderators: Superheroes in the Shadows of Social Media


We describe what the internet's first digital responders do to keep the web safe for us all

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THE PSYCHOLOGIST: Invisible workers, hidden dangers


What do we know – and not know – about content moderation and its impact on those who do it?

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MDX MINDS: A risky business: Moderating the content on the war in Ukraine


Online abuse experts from Middlesex University explain why social media content moderators have a crucial role to play after Russia invaded Ukraine.

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NEWS: MDX researchers awarded huge grant to tackle child sexual child exploitation and abuse


Academics will explore issues facing content moderators relating to their exposure of traumatic child sexual abuse material.

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