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French Capital

A Study of French Highly-skilled Migrants in London's Financial and Business Sectors

The French constitute a significant and growing migrant population in the UK and, in particular, London. With a notable concentration employed in highly-skilled occupations, they have been overlooked in migration research which tends to focus on more marginalised and disadvantaged migrant labour. This project explored the migratory, occupational and settlement careers of highly-skilled French professionals working in London's financial and business sectors, and contributes to our understanding of their economic, social and cultural role. In examining the interplay of factors shaping migration, occupation and settlement decision-making in this context, the project will inform our understanding of the dynamics of intra-European mobility amongst the highly skilled, and of its policy implications at local, regional, national and EU levels.

Led by Dr Jon Mulholland and Prof Louise Ryan, the project is a collaboration between the Social Policy Research Centre and Department of Criminology and Sociology from Middlesex University London.  The study is informed by a qualitative methodology, in the form of semi-structured interviews and focus groups, designed to capture the rich personal narratives of this migrant population's experiences. The data aims to capture the complexity and diversity of this population through the incorporation of variables such as gender, age, ethnicity, length of residence in London, employment status and family circumstances.

The study has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (RES-000-22-4240).

Research Team: Jon Mulholland and Louise Ryan

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