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Urban Pollution Research Centre (UPRC)

Welcome to the Urban Pollution Research Centre (UPRC). We have a diverse and fascinating research portfolio that investigates all areas of urban environmental pollution, including air, water, soil and sediment. We are also involved in consultancy and training in pollution and water management for municipal, industrial and natural environments.

Experience and expertise

Our research and activities have recently focussed on the urban water environment, including stormwater management systems, water treatment technologies and pollution control. We've also proved our skill in researching areas of specific interest such as environmental radioactivity, urban air quality and pollution monitoring.

At the UPRC, we have 15 members who undertake important research, including academic staff, research fellows, and post-graduate students. We also work closely with staff in the Flood Hazard Research Centre and the Centre for Decision Analysis and Risk Management – indeed, interdisciplinary research is a key priority of the Centre.

We take pride in our track record of achieving quality-assured, robust and applied research results. This reputation for reliability and excellence is reflected both in our publication output and in our current participation in numerous national and international collaborative research projects.

Research in action

Follow this link to watch an interview with Lian Lundy, discussing pollution in urban water systems.

Study your MPhil or PhD with us

If you are interested in studying a MPhil (two years) or PhD (three years), then we offer a range of attractive opportunities at the UPRC. These are full-time courses and contain an element of taught course work accompanied by the development of a research programme including reading and discussion. The research develops into the second year (and third year for PhD) with regular contact with a supervisory group, culminating in the submission of a thesis. You may also choose to conduct your experimental work away from the University. You'll have access to well-equipped, fully supported research facilities for experimental work.

Make a name for yourself

Our PhD students are often funded by a variety of sources including research councils (such as the NERC, BBSRC, EPRC), Middlesex University, industrial sponsors, European sources and various other scholarships. When available, funded PhD research projects are usually advertised on the appropriate university website and in the national press.

If you'd like to undertake a postgraduate research degree in connection with the UPRC and you have a novel research idea that is not yet funded, please contact Dr Lian Scholes to discuss this further. We may well be able to support you in attracting funding for this research. However, you should be aware that this can be a long process requiring considerable preliminary work and funding is never guaranteed.

We are interested in supervising projects in the following areas:

  • Water/air pollution
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)
  • Water treatment technologies
  • Greywater reuse and recycling
  • Soil/water/sediment ecotoxicology assessment using microbial biosensors (e.g. Microtox)
  • Contaminated soils and remediation

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