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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2022

Coaching at Middlesex


We are a community of practice of academics and practitioners from around the world dedicated to the development of coaching.

The Vision: to form a community of research and enquiry into coaching practice drawing upon the expertise of practitioners, organisations and academics to encourage practitioner-led enquiry and dialogue with academic partners.

By research we mean the whole continuum of enquiries we undertake from individual reflective practice through to large scale multi-partner research projects. By researcher we mean those interested in improving practice from individual practitioners interested in using the most up-to-date information and tools to sustain the cutting-edge of their offer to clients through to full time academics interested in individual learning and change.

The Aim

The community enables practitioners, students, academics and organisations to come together to share the best practice and the results of the latest studies so that further research and development projects can be initiated and supported.  We hold a particular welcome to practitioner researchers who wish to develop good practice in research and contribute to the growing body of knowledge in a robust and rigorous manner.

Past events include:

  • Inaugural meeting lead by Prof Michael Cavanagh from University of Sydney Coaching Psychology Unit
  • Launch of a fast track mentoring scheme with introduction by David Clutterbuck
  • Practitioner research day with students from iCoach and the Metanoia Institute''s Masters in Coaching

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