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Erasmus+ KA2 projects

Erasmus Projects

Staff at Middlesex University are participating in Erasmus+* Key Action 2 projects on a variety of topics, both as coordinators and partners. We have been successfully contributing to these multilateral educational projects under the Erasmus umbrella since their launch in 1987, helping to develop international networks and contributing to innovation in a wide range of areas.

*Middlesex University acknowledges the formal support of the European Commission for the Erasmus programme.

Developing services for Individuals with Disabilities [DECIDE]

The aim of this project is to improve the inclusion of students with disabilities in education in the Central Asian partner countries of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

On this project experts in the area of Design for All from Middlesex University are working with European Colleagues to individuals with special needs  to access education, enjoy the right of participation in everyday society and to combat discrimination by instilling awareness and acceptance in society as in line with Bologna Process and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The consortium wished to engage in this project because it recognises the problems and specific needs of the Central Asian partner countries in the area of inclusion; in particular, relating to persons with disabilities.

This project is being led in Middlesex by Gill Whitney with the addition of Dr Mark Springett.

Previous projects

Please see below for all projects funded through the Erasmus+ programme since 2000. Descriptions, results and contact information of these projects can be found on the Erasmus+ Project website.

For any more details, please contact Sophie Ball, Erasmus & Exchanges Manager (Strategic).

  • Erasmus+ programmes

    • 2000 - 2017
      Year  Title Funder/Programme
      2000 European Masters in Future and Foresight Studies  Erasmus
      2001 Masters In European Nursing Erasmus
      2004 Towards an Integrated University via Internal Agreement  TEMPUS
      2004 Awareness Training on Trafficking in Human Beings for Police, Border Guards and Customs Officials in EU Member States, Accession and Candidate Countries – Development of a European Curriculum AT (MoI), ICMPD
      2004 Elaboration and Implementation of Anti-Trafficking Training Modules for Judges and Prosecutors in EU Member States, Accession and Candidate Countries Bulgaria, ERA, ICMPD
      2004 Combating the Forced Labour Outcomes of Human Trafficking in Europe European Commission, AGIS Irish Government DWP
      2004 Organisation of SIRENE Bureau  
      2004 Definition of a Blue Border Management System in Albania  
      2004 Program for the Enhancement of Anti-Trafficking Responses in South Eastern Europe EC, GTZ,DEZA,OSCE
      2004 Information and Data Exchange in Europe (EU Member States, Accession and neighbouring countries) with regard to the relationship between Irregular Movements and Asylum, particularly focusing on Visa related data ARGO
      2004 Integration Agreements and Voluntary Measures JAI, INTI budget line
      2004 Enhancing Inter-agency Co-operation – Development and Implementation of Croatia’s Integrated Border Management Strategy  
      2004 Re-direction of the Budapest Process Activities to the CIS Region EC, NL, PL, CZ, FI, AT, DK, CH
      2004 International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion (IMISCOE) EU NL (NOW)
      2004 Establishment of EU compatible legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks in the fields of asylum, migration and visa matters  
      2005 Exchange of Experience focusing on Bologna Process at Alexandria University TEMPUS
      2005 Building Digital Educational Services and Content Creation Centre in Yerevan State University library TEMPUS
      2005 EU Justice, Freedom and Security Assessment Missions to Ukraine  
      2005 International joint actions on the external borders of the EU towards the more efficient fight against illegal immigration ARGO HU, AT, FR, ES
      2005 Development of Integrated Border Management in Central Asia  
      2005 Institutional Building Support to Management Unit/Refugees and IDPs in Serbia and Montenegro  
      2005 Support to and Coordination of Integrated Border Management Strategies  
      2006 Advance  
      2006 Establishing Central University Services (CUS) TEMPUS
      2006 Establishing a strategic framework for electronic libraries in Syria Higher Education (SYReLIB) TEMPUS
      2006 Strengthening capacities and co-operation in the identification of forged and falsified documents in Ukraine EC, CZ, FI, HU, NL, SK, ES, DCAF
      2006 Development of communication and information ex-change systems on illegal migration in the Western Balkan region AENEAS 2005, HU MOJLE, HU MFA, AT BM.I
      2006 Development of comprehensive anti-trafficking response in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia TACIS
      2006 Research into civic stratification, gender and family migration policies in Europe Int Centre for Migration Policy & Development
      2006 Minority Business Diaspora Exchange EQUAL
      2006  Secondary migration of recognized refugees in Europe AT
      2006 Support to the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation in the pre-introduction of biometric identifiers in travel documents EC/Russia
      2006 Strengthening Malta’s Capacity to Issue Visas  
      2007 Improvement and Restructuring of the Psychology Curriculum according to the Bologna Declaration (IRPC) TEMPUS
      2007 European Masters in Drug and Alcohol Studies (EMDAS)  ERASMUS Curriculum Development
      2007 Internal Quality Assurance in Armenian HEIs (ARMQA) TEMPUS
      2007 Capacity Building and Technical Support to Ukrainian authorities to Effectively Respond to Irregular Transit-Migration (ERIT) - A comprehensive and complementary approach to migration management support in Ukraine EC, CZ,HU,NL,PL,SR,UK
      2007 Preparation of Support in the Field of Justice and Anticorruption in Azerbaijan TACIS
      2007 Comprehensive Return Programme Including Re-Integration JLS/Return, MFA Malta, MedEurope
      2007 Toward Durable Reintegration Mechanisms in Georgia EC AENEAS, DANIDA
      2007 Integrated Border Management Training, Central Asia  
      2007 Strong Institutions and a Unified Approach in the Asylum, Migration and Visa Management in the Western Balkans AENEAS 2005, SE, DK, NO
      2008 Intercultural Education of Nurses and medical staff in Europe (IENE) Leonardo Da Vinci Programme
      2008 Harmonization of the Academy of Science Network Infrastructure for Connecting to GEANT DG Education  & Culture
      2008 EC/UNDP Migration and Development Joint Initiative: Capacity Building for Small Scale Actors  
      2008 EuroMed Migration II MEDA
      2008 Inter-regional Co-operation Support Programme EAR
      2008 Coaching of the People-to-People Contacts Grant Scheme Applicants PHARE
      2008 Training activities in preparation for South Caucasus IBM Programme TACIS
      2008 Implementation of Integrated Border Management in Serbia  
      2009 Internal Quality Assurance at Serbian Universities (SIQAS) TEMPUS
      2009 Technical assistance for the EU–ASEAN migration and border management programme  
      2009 New Masters Programme on Library and Information Science (NMPLIS) TEMPUS
      2009 Mentoring in Nursing in Europe (MINE) ERASMUS Intensive  Programme
        Corruption and  Organised Crime Tender (COC)  
      2010? Study on Member States' national policies and approaches in dealing with the link between organised crime and corruption  
      2010 New Library Services at Western Balkan Universities (NLSWBU) TEMPUS
      2010 Strengthening the Student Role in Governance and Management at the Universities of Serbia in line with the Bologna Process (SIGMUS) TEMPUS
      2010 Intercultural Education of Nurses in Europe (IENE2) Leonardo Da Vinci Programme
      2010 Digital Re-working/re-appropriation of ElectroAcoustic Music (DREAM) Culture Programme (2007 - 2013)
      2010 Network for Master training in technologies of water resources management (NETWATER) TEMPUS
      2010 Building Capacity for Structural Reform in Higher Education of Western Balkan Countries (STREW) TEMPUS
      2011 Performance Analysis Course (PASC) Erasmus Intensive Programme
      2011 Developing information literacy for lifelong learning and knowledge economy in Western Balkan countries (RINGIDE) TEMPUS
      2012 Performance Analysis Course (PASC) Erasmus Intensive Programme
      2012 Integrating Water cycle management: building capability, capacity and impact in Education and Business (I-WEB) TEMPUS
      2012 Joint MSc in Software Engineering (JMScSE) TEMPUS
      2012 Master in Higher Education Management: Developing Leaders for Managing Educational Transformation (MAHATMA) TEMPUS
      2012 Student Support and Development Services (SSDS) TEMPUS
      2012 Quality of Engineering Education in Central Asia (QUEECA) EACEA
      2013 Tools for Intercultural Education of Nursing in Europe (IENE Tools) Erasmus+
      2013 Fostering University Support Services and Procedures for Full Participation in the European Higher Education Area (FUSE) TEMPUS
      2014 Strengthening the nurses and health care professionals’ capacity to deliver culturally competent and compassionate care (IENE4) Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2014 Advising for success: Doctoral supervision of multi-disciplinary practice based doctorates: an appreciative inquiry into best practice in their design, development and delivery (SUPER-PROFDOC) Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2014 Interactive dual language immersive learning space Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2014 Jean Monnet Chair in EU Public Law Erasmus+ Jean Monnet
      2015 Action project for innovation - APInno Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2015 Promoting Cultural Heritage as a Generator of Sustainable Development (InHeriT) Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2015 Training health care teams in intercultural communication and patient safety  Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2015 Shared Memories and Dialogues  Erasmus+
      2015  Student Business e-Academy (SBeA) Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2016 Advocacy Establishment for Students through Ombudsman Position (AESOP) Erasmus+ Capacity Building
      2016 Instant Mix Theater Lab Founding Project  Erasmus+
      2016 Artistic Doctorates in Europe: Third cycle provision in Dance and Performance Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2016 Contemporary large migration waves into Europe: Enabling health workers to provide psychological support to migrants and refugees and develop strategies for dealing with their own emotional needs.  Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2016 Paving the way to interregional mobility and ensuring relevance, quality and equity of access Erasmus+ Capacity Building
      2016 Pathway in Forensic Computing Erasmus+ Capacity Building
      2016 Development of master curricula for natural disasters risk management in Western Balkan countries Erasmus+ Capacity Building
      2016 Realising the potential of the international mobility of staff in higher education (REALISE) Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2016 Gameplay For Inspiring Digital Adoption (GIRDA) Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2016 Active Campus Europe (ACE) Erasmus+ KA 3 (Sport) 
      2016 Innovative - Simulation Pedagogy for Academic Development (I-SPAD) Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2017 IENE 7 Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2017 Supporting Internationalisation of Traineeships in the Healthcare Sector Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership
      2017 Best practices for Care and Wellbeing Education to support the needs of LGBT people as they age. Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership

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