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Geography, Environmental Studies and Archaeology

Overview of Geography, Environmental Studies and Archaeology 

Geographical and environmental research at Middlesex University is rooted in three long-established research centres within the Natural Sciences Department. These are the Flood Hazard Research Centre (FHRC) founded in 1970, the Urban Pollution Research Centre (UPRC - 1978), and the Decision Analysis and Risk Management research unit (DARM -1998).

The particular contribution presented here lies in combining theoretical, methodological, practice and policy-related research across a range of contexts - flood risk, water management, diffuse urban pollution, sustainable urban drainage, urban ecosystem services, urban design, and public health and safety risk research.

REF 2014 results highlights

  • Geography, Environmental Studies and Archaeology at Middlesex improved both overall GPA and based on power rankings
  • 100% of our impact judged as very considerable or above, with 40% of our impact judged as outstanding (4 star) and the remaining 60% judged as very considerable (3 star)
  • Top quartile for impact - better than Oxford, Durham and all other post-1992 universities. 

A total of 20 members of staff are involved and our submission demonstrates how we have developed our existing strengths based within these centres since 2008.

The Unit of Assessment case studies are:

In response to recent policy drivers, we are collaborating with Arup to commercialise a SUDS selection and location tool (SUDSLOC) and are informing policy developments in the fields of diffuse pollution mitigation and urban ecosystem services.

Download this case study as a PDF.

Flood damage appraisal research

Throughout the REF period (2008-2014), research by the Flood Hazard Research Centre at Middlesex University – driven by risk-assessment theory – has provided a continuously updated set of unique models, data and techniques for assessing the benefits of UK flood alleviation investment. These have been used to justify all flood alleviation investment for the whole of the UK for the whole of the REF period (c. £3bn), as well as for the previous 30 years. 

Our work has been central to all assessments by Defra and the Environment Agency of national flood risk and all the Catchment Flood Management Plans for England and Wales. The research is also used in Scotland by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, by national insurers, and in many other countries.

Download this case study as a PDF.

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