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Archiving Data

A long-term archive of research data can have a number of benefits:

  • It can be used to demonstrate compliance with national information access legislation, e.g. Freedom of Information Act 2000, Data Protection Act 1998, Environmental Information Regulations 2004, etc., and other funding body and sponsor requirements.
  • It secures the ongoing accuracy, authenticity, reliability, integrity and completeness of research data by safeguarding it against loss, deterioration, unauthorised or inappropriate access, obsolescence and future incompatibility.
  • It facilitates a consistency of approach which adds value to the University's overall research profile, saving effort and resources over time and enabling future sharing of research data.
  • It increases the visibility of institutional research over time by providing robust evidence of past, current and ongoing University research activity, broadening, deepening and supporting its long-term impact.

For more information about the benefits of archiving data, see Why Deposit Data? from the UK Data Archive

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