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Choreography cluster

The Choreography Cluster is a group of artist-scholars working together and independently around choreography as a methodology for research and exploration. Their work resonates with questions and practices in artistic research methodologies including embodiment, practice as research and narrative inquiry.

The Choreography Cluster is a continuing discussion addressing movement as a mode of inquiry, choreography as a methodology, and exploring how we craft the somatic and document that inquiry from in physicality to in text. The cluster convenor is Dr A. Akinleye.

Choreography Cluster events

‘Wright-ing the somatic’ Symposium
August 19 & 20 2016

The Symposium brought together existing published academics, visual documenters of movement (photography), movers and choreographers practicing professionally in the field to share their practices and purposes within the context of working somatically.

The Symposium offered the opportunity to discuss, exchange, articulate and elaborate artistic practices and contribute to the critical discourses of professional practice, refining understandings of form, approaches and exploring terminologies. Galvanizing the people and dialogues happening in and beyond the HE sector around expression in movement (somatic practice and choreographic methodologies), the symposium reached out to colleagues in other institutions in the UK and USA, as well as the professional field internationally.

The event included a series of performance workshops sharing movement practice and processes/papers by researchers/artists, with Keynotes from Dr Anita Gonzalez and John R. Diehl. This was the first event hosted by the Choreography cluster marking a Research Space over the next two years, where we are creating documentations and reflections of practice, culminating in a special edition Journal in 2019.

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