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Publications and works

A selection of publications and works by members of the Choreography research cluster

Vida Midgelow

Christopher Bannerman

  • Curation/Direction Danscross Dancing in a shaking world Poly Theatre, Beijing 2009
  • Curation/Direction ArtsCross Taipei Uncertain...waiting... Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei 2011
  • Curation/Direction ArtsCross Light and water BDA Theatre, Beijing 2012
  • Curation/Direction ArtsCross Leaving home, being elsewhere The Robin Howard Theatre, The Place, London 2013
  • Curation/Direction Danscross-ArtsCross *Reframed * National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing 2014
  • Bannerman et al, (2006) Navigating the Unknown

Lousie Kelsey

Angela Woodhouse

  • Recent and upcoming conference papers to speak of her own creative process
  • (Un)touched in collaboration with artist Nathaniel Rackowe premiere part 1 at 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf as part of 'Artist at Work'
  • New collaborative installation with artists Caroline Broadhead and Nic Sandiland for Wollaton Hall, Notts to open in March 2017 (Nottingham Castle commission).

Helen Kindred

Adesola Akinleye

Stefanie Sachsenmaier

  • ‘Ways of Doing; Ways of Thinking; Ways of Moving Together: Considerations for Cross-Cultural Encounters and Exchanges in and through Dance Practice’, Choreographic Practices Journal, forthcoming 2016
  • ‘Just in Time: Rosemary Butcher, Making Memories and Marks’, co-written with Susan Melrose and Rosemary Butcher, Performance Research Journal On An/Notations, 2015

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