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Community and Clinical Psychology Research Group

The Community and Clinical research group is interested in the effects of social conditions on individual functioning and mental health, utilising models such as lifespan adversity, attachment and psychodynamic theory, in relation to interventions and therapies.

Members have a critical psychology approach, which highlights contemporary social issues and utilises mixed methodologies. The Research Group meets around monthly and has email correspondence to: discuss topical social issues, spark research ideas and help group members with their current research and grant applications; share resources and good research practice and clinical knowledge for publication,  research and evaluation; highlight controversial social topics in our field with discussion on how to disseminate these.


If you are interested in joining the Community and Clinical research group or for more information, please email Antonia Bifulco.

  • Current research projects and themes

    Our current research is varied and focuses on:

    • Treatment, intervention, evaluation and therapeutic alliance
    • Lifetime risk factors and vulnerability
    • Adversity and trauma
    • Attachment models
    • Resilience and recovery
    • Barriers to service use
    • Stigma and “missed opportunities”
  • Techniques and methods

    We use a range of methods such as:

    • qualitative and quantitative
    • intensive assessment
    • technologically-based methods

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