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Developmental Psychology Research Group

This research group is involved in the discipline of Developmental Psychology which is the scientific study of how and why individuals change over time. We are interested in a range of different topics across the life span from infancy to ageing, and utilise various methodologies and research designs.

Our research group also works in close collaboration with the Music Cognition and Communication Lab which studies psychological processes linked with music, whether it's in the context of communication (music and language), emotion or cognition (benefits associated with music).

We are keen to have Research Assistants, MSc and/or PhD students working with us so if you're interested in this opportunity, please get in touch with Gemma Reynolds.

  • Current research projects and themes

  • Development of Emotions

    Exploring the development of emotions such as fear, anxiety and disgust during childhood in particular mechanisms and mediating factors associated with the development of such emotions.

    Academic: Gemma Reynolds

  • Development of Communication

    Studying how music, language and cognition interact in both the development of early communication and in supporting healthy ageing

    Academics: Fabia Franco with Anthony Mangiacotti

  • Attachment Behaviour in Couple Relationships

    Exploring the transition to second-time parenthood in couple relationships, using qualitative mixed methods.

    Academic: Deborah Bailey-Rodriguez

  • Emotional Adaptation to Adverse Environments in Adolescence

    The impacts of neglect and abuse on adolescent development in relation to clinical health and wellbeing, attachment insecurity and making positive relationships. A focus on children in care.

    Academic: Antonia Bifulco

  • Reading and Dyslexia

    Studying the relationship between language, literacy, musical and artistic ability in children and adults, with a focus on developmental dyslexia.

    Academic: Nicola Brunswick

  • Cognition and Literacy

    Exploring cognition in literacy acquisition and reading difficulties across different languages.

    Academic: Ilhan Raman

  • Prematurity

    Exploring sound in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Language and music in premature infants.

    Academics: Maria Chifa with Fabia Franco and Gemma Reynolds

  • Musical Engagement and Child Development

    Home musical enrichment and its influence on early language, emotion and cognition.

    Academic: Nina Politimou

Music and Communication

Exploring music as an intrinsic link in the development of communication and social engagement in infancy.

Academic: Tatiana Sobolewska

Get involved

If you would like to participate in any of our ongoing studies, please contact the research teams directly (details available in above staff profiles) or email Dr Gemma Reynolds or call 020 8411 6506.

Students wishing to undertake a PhD or those wanting to gain research assistant experience within any of our research teams, please contact our staff directly (details available on above staff profiles) or via Dr Gemma Reynolds.

Research and PhD students

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