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Film and TV Research Group

The Film and TV Research Cluster is a vibrant forum for television and film academics and practitioners. It is a supportive and collaborative arena for discussing and developing ideas into publications, productions and/or bids for funded research.  The membership is not limited to the staff of Film and TV but is open to those interested from across the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries and beyond.

Research interests currently represented among members of the cluster include crossovers and conflicts between film and television, world and transnational cinema, extreme cinema, Chinese and Iranian film, Hollywood, network narratives in film and TV, film theory (including Deleuze), sound and the voice in screen storytelling, web drama, reflexivity in film, video and autoethnography, independent production in film and television, arts television, documentary, first person documentary, found footage filmmaking, drama-documentary, history documentary, Korean TV, Chinese TV, British TV Drama, Sitcom, co-productions, pornography, media ethics, television production cultures, non linear storytelling and feminist film and TV.

Current research projects

  • We are currently developing ideas for a sitcom event (a spin-off from the sitcom production exercise that took place in the TV Studio in April 2015)
  • Paul Kerr is preparing an AHRC bid for a research project into British TV companies operating in China
  • Tom McGorrian is involved in an ESRC bid for funded research on pre-school children's responses to narrative, led by Professor Paul Cobley
  • Paul Kerr is involved in the AHRC funded Black Artists and Modernism project led by Professor Sonia Boyce in Art and Design
  • Paul Kerr is also developing an idea for a 2016 symposium on 'Slow Television'.


We plan to hold our first symposium on Film and TV in 2016.

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