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GIRDA Game Play for Inspiring Digital Adoption

Erasmus* Strategic Partnership 2017 to 2019

The project proposes a novel approach to digital education for older citizens. The approach will use social touch-table games to introduce older citizens to digital interaction. The aim is to nurture confidence, motivation and skills in a low pressure environment where learning is ‘hidden’.

This will build up digital confidence and familiarity with touch interfaces, and removes the stigma associated with digital technology, using ludic engagement to positively reinforce familiarity and confidence. It is anticipated that the work will disseminate best-practice through its relationships with practitioner organisations established at EU level and in three of the partner countries (UK, Austria, Slovenia, and Macedonia). It will also promote and provide grounding for establishment of similar initiatives in other EU countries.

*Middlesex acknowledges the formal support of the European Commission for the Erasmus programme.

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