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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2021

Leadership group

As the global reach of organizations in the knowledge-based economy becomes more stretched, as their operations become more networked and as the ethical demands on firms becomes more acute, fresh approaches to leadership are called for. We are researching this in three important areas:

Place Leadership: Based on a Special Issue of Policy Studies, recent research examines leadership in 4 UK 'Smart Cities' with contributions to two Special Issues in preparation (Regional Studies and European Planning Studies ). Alyson Nicholds

Ethical Leadership: In the wake of numerous leadership scandals and crises across a range of sectors, we are exploring the contribution of spirituality and philosophy to ethical leadership, with particular reference to the role of Business Schools. A SAGE book Questions Business Schools Don't Ask and a Special Issue of Academy of Management Learning and Education are due to be published in 2014-15 and a proposal for funding to the ESRC Seminar Series is under review. Leah Tomkins, Tim Freeman, Jennie O'Connor, Mary Hartog

Knowledge Leadership: Using interpretive discourse, we have studied how knowledge activists exchange knowledge in the ATLAS collaboration, part of the largest scientific experiment in the world at Geneva, with published papers in IJHRM, IJBR and forthcoming in R&D Management and IBR. Chris Mabey

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