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Migration, Politics and Society

Who we are and what we do

This interdisciplinary cluster situated in the School of Law addresses some of the major issues of the contemporary world through research and knowledge exchange, focussing on themes of Global Migrations and Social Justice:

  • Migratory movements (family, labour, refugee, return)
  • Refugee displacement, protection and settlement
  • Global inequalities and their implications for SDGs and global challenges in UK, Europe and the global South role of diasporic networks
  • Labour Migrations and Socio-Economic Inclusion: linking global labour studies and labour migration gendered labour migrations, including skilled migrant and refugee entrepreneurs, modern slavery in the UK and the Global South
  • Intersectional Discrimination, Minority Communities and Access to Services: legal and socio-economic aspects of individual and institutional discrimination and its intersectional dimensions, especially gender, race, religion, class and sexuality, and in access to services e.g. education, health, housing and other services.

We collaborate with other clusters and research centres in the Business and Law Faculty and beyond, and with academic and NGO partners nationally through, for example, the Migration and Society network within the Alliance University Network, the Asylum and Refugee network, and internationally through our membership of the IMISCOE (International Migration Research Network).


If you are interested in the work of the Migration, Politics and Society Research Cluster or attending one of our regular meetings or upcoming events, please contact the co-leads:

We encourage input from organisations, charities and local bodies beyond academia, and welcome opportunities for collaboration as well as PhD proposals.

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