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Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture

The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA) is part of Middlesex University.  Based in Colindale, it holds internationally important collections relating to British domestic design and architecture 1870-1960. MoDA is an accessible research collection welcoming visitors (students, researchers and members of the public) by appointment, and making resources available online. The collections are a great source of inspiration, ideas and research. Through these, the museum contributes to Middlesex University’s transformative programme of education, research and engagement.

Using MoDA

Support for teaching

  • We develop generic learning resources and offer remote support for learning on our website: www.moda.mdx.ac.uk
  • We offer a blended learning approach to Middlesex students, comprising online and in-person sessions, tailored to the needs of specific groups or individuals.
  • We run student projects based on real-life briefs, either as part of a module or as extra-curricular activity.
  • We showcase student work inspired by our collections on the Co-Creation pages of the website.
  • Students can also search a selection of records from MoDA and other collections on the VADS (Visual Arts Data Service) website.
  • More information for students is provided on our libguide page.

Support for research & knowledge exchange

  • We support individual students and researchers who wish to use the collections, by means of in-person and online appointments.
  • We support researchers, students, and journalists through picture library image requests.
  • We record and celebrate publications in which the museum's collections have been cited in our online reading list.
  • We share scholarship associated with the collections and promote awareness of the museum’s collections and brand through the management of an online shop
  • MoDA staff research and publish as scholars in our own right when the research arises from our interaction with the museum’s collections or users of the collections.
  • Research data associated with the museum's collections is available from our Figshare Portal.

Support for external engagement

  • We produce a podcast series ‘That Feels Like Home’ which we promote to students and to wider audiences. Podcast episodes represent another way in which we build new knowledge around the collections and share research with wider audiences.
  • We loan objects to other museums for the purpose of public exhibition, as part of our commitment to making our collections accessible to a wide audience and to raising our public profile.

Contact Us

For more information about the team please visit our website or please email moda@mdx.ac.uk and your message will be forwarded to the relevant member of staff.

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