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Performance Analysis at the London Sport Institute

As part of our performance analysis research, we investigate elite athletes engaged in sports like soccer, rugby, golf, squash, basketball, canoe slalom and fencing.

Our work has a far-reaching effect, and we're proud of our outstanding international reputation – a result of our staff's expertise, combined with a high number of excellent research collaborations.

Investigating sport performance

Our research covers performance indicators, momentum, perturbations, modelling – as well as tactical, technical and movement analysis.

The sports we examine cover a wide spectrum – including soccer, racket sports, basketball and cricket.

We're also working to broaden the appeal of performance analysis outside of elite-level sport and develop a multi-disciplinary approach to sport performance.

"Intelligent" analysis systems

We've also produced innovative work, including "intelligent" analysis systems using low-cost hardware and software – like live momentum charts, automated match highlight detection and dynamic dashboards on tablets and smartphones.

International collaborations

We work with experts across the globe in areas such as motion analysis – and different aspects of performance analysis – as well as Systematic Kinesiology, Research Methodology of Kinesiology and Notational Analysis.

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