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Physiology at the London Sport Institute

Our research revolves around areas of sport and exercise physiology that have crucial implications for athletic performance, fatigue and overtraining, health, illness and injury.

Effects of training, activity and competition

The first area of research focuses on the acute and chronic effects of physical training, activity and competition on immune function and status, cortisol levels and antioxidant capacity – as well as oxidative stress, growth hormone measured in blood or saliva.

It also examines the effects on the psychological state of elite athletes, marathoners, army recruits and sojourners ascending Everest.

Female athlete triad

The second area of research deals with the female athlete triad and some of its features – such as eating disorders, intentional weight loss, low-energy availability, menstrual dysfunction, osteoporosis and stress fractures – in a comprehensive selection of elite athletes and dancers.

Expert advice and services

We've also provided specialist sport science and bone health monitoring services to a wide range of athletes – from the recreational to a number of Olympic medallists.

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