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Post-graduate Research and Teaching

We invite PhD applications in the area of prisons and criminal justice related research. More information can be found on the School of Law PhD page.

Current Doctoral Students:

Irtiza Sheikh Foreign National Prisoners: A Different Perspective on Punishment in England and Wales.

Awarded doctoral degrees:

Dr. Mallika Saraswat:  Abolitionist Restorative Justice in the UK: Theory and Practice. Dr. Matt Cracknell: Practitioner and Service User Experiences of Short-term Imprisonment and Resettlement under the Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014.

Dr. Eric Beckford: An Exploration into What Works in Effectively Engaging Young Adult Offenders in Probation Supervision: Practitioners and Probationers Perspectives.Dr. Ildiko Cseri: Is Your Accent Guilty: Is your accent guilty? The Experiences of Foreign Born Domestic Violence Victims within the English Criminal Justice System.

Dr. Di Li: Integrating Restorative Justice into the ICC’s Legal Framework Possibility and Necessity.Dr. Susan Hillyard: Are Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) an Effective Risk Management Tool for Young People with Learning Disabilities? Sponsorship though RESPOND UK national charity.

Dr. Anastasia Karamalidou: A Critical Assessment of Human Rights in Prison: The English and Dutch Experience.

MSc Criminology with Forensic Psychology

View programme details on the Middlesex University webpage

Contact: Dr Mia Scally (Programme Leader)

This programme provides students with an advanced understanding of the intersections between criminology and psychology and is taught by colleagues with research specialisms in criminology and criminal justice, sociology  psychology and psychiatry. Students will gain an advanced understanding of;

  • The central concerns of forensic psychology to explain crime and offending behaviour
  • Different methodological approaches to researching and evaluating crime, offending  and institutional interventions
  • The key criminal justice institutions whose roles and function intersect with dimensions of psychology and offending (ie. the police, courts, probation, prisons)

MA Criminology

View programme details on the Middlesex webpage

Contact: Dr  Kasia Narkowicz (Programme Leader)

This programme aims to provide students with an in depth understanding of contemporary global issues in the field of criminology.

Students will gain an advanced understanding of;

  • Contemporary theories, concepts and debates at the forefront of critical criminology.
  • Research methods, methodologies, and methodological debates within criminology from a decolonial lens.
  • Social divisions and intersectionality of power, race, gender, sexuality, in relation to experiences and representations of crime, criminal justice and responses to crime, law and order.
  • The remits and agendas of key justice actors involved in identifying, prosecuting, and repairing crime and social harm and its limitations.
  • A range of crime and social harm approaches and solutions and their underpinning assumptions regarding the causes and consequences of crime, deviance, and social harms.

MA Applied Criminology, Youth and Criminal Justice

View programme details on the Middlesex webpage

Contact: Clair Looby (Programme Leader)

This programme aims to engage students in a range of conceptual, policy and practice issues and debates relating to work with young offenders, probation resettlement and community-based interventions and criminal courts, punishment, and prisons.

Middlesex University is a part of the ‘Learning Together’ Network that brings students from within universities and in prisons to learn with and from each other in  styles of co-creation, knowledge exchange and debate. A Middlesex  partnership has been in place with HMP Wandsworth since 2017 and involves a 10 week criminology module delivered in collaboration with the prison education team (see the evaluation report)

The ‘Learning Together’ initiative is  endorsed by the Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET). The Middlesex/ Wandworth Prison partnership is a part of the PET prison university partnerships in learning network

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