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Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research group

This special interest group in qualitative methods researches the way in which methodology shapes and defines research. We have a particular focus on the emerging importance of pluralistic research - the combining of qualitative methods. We work with international researchers in allied approaches such as dialectical pluralism and qualitatively-driven mixed methods research (e.g. Hesse-Biber, 2010) to explore benefits and tensions of this methodology.

Our research is carried out within the varied contexts of academic, practitioner and service development, and knowledge advancement. Group members work individually and collaboratively, within the psychology discipline and across disciplines, to advance and explore aspects of human behaviour in settings which include the domestic sphere and prisons, and in behaviour ranging from counselling provision to domestic violence. We are also interested in human emotion and ways in which it informs and is informed by human language and behaviour.

We work both individually and in collaboration with colleagues at Middlesex University, including the Centre for Social Policy Research, and Forensic Psychology Services. We also work closely with psychology and other related disciplines in universities in the UK and around the world, including in Ireland, Turkey, USA and Canada.

We place an emphasis on supporting PhD students using qualitative, mixed and multi methods and are currently supervising a number of students researching topics ranging from domestic violence, multiple perpetrator rape, mental illness and parenting.

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