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Social Media Research Cluster

The Middlesex Social Media Research Cluster was set up in 2014 to promote interdisciplinary approaches to research through acquiring new skills, sharing knowledge, and pursuing collaborative projects about social media.

We aim to advance theoretical and methodological approaches to social media research through partnership with other academics in the field. We also aim to address opportunities and problems created by the rise of social media through collaboration with people in the arts, media, business, education, social services, politics, civil society and social enterprises.

Our initial projects have focused on developing innovations in the curriculum designed to enhance graduates' ability to work in digital journalism and publishing; the safeguarding of young people at risk of radicalisation; and the challenges faced by trades unions adapting to communicating with its members via social media.

The group includes members from across the University and is currently led by Professor Jane Arthurs in the Department of Media.

Please get in contact if you would like to develop research or knowledge exchange activities with us as a member or partner.

For more information or to get involved contact Jane Arthurs by email or on Twitter.

Co-Convenor of the group is Dr Sophia Drakopoulou.

Support for the group's activities has been given by the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries and from the cross-university Centre for Ideas.

Current Research Projects (in development)

  • Social Media and Pedagogical Innovation in the HE Curriculum (Josie Barnard, Lucia Vodanovic, Claudia Megele)
  • Professional Challenges in Adapting to Social Media Communication in Trades Unions (Alessandro Gandini, Martin McGrath)
  • Youth Protection in Tower Hamlets in the Context of Recruitment by Radical Islamists via Social Media (Trish Hafford-Letchfield, Claudia Megele; Xiaochun Cheng)
  • Performance, Agency and Collaboration in Urban Activism (Nesreen Hussein, Pedro DeSenna)
  • Celebrity Mediated Politics: Russell Brand's cross-platform interventions (Jane Arthurs, Bern Little, Sylvia Shaw)

Upcoming events

YouTube Conference
23-24 September 2016

Previous events

Almost Everything You Wanted To Know About Social Media And Were Afraid To Ask,
March 24th 2015.

(Meta) Methodology for Social Media Research,
20 January 2015.

Social Media Analytics Day: research methods training and project development workshop
13 November 2014.

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