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Social Media Research Group previous events

Almost Everything You Wanted To Know About Social Media And Were Afraid To Ask

March 24th 2015. Hendon Campus, Middlesex University.

Led by Sophia Drakopoulou and Alessandro Gandini,

1. Social Media and Its Discontents, Sophia  Drakopolou

A showcase of examples of work both from the artistic and cultural sectors that are inspired by or use data gathered by social media platforms and also present social analytics tools. The talk and discussion centred on current discourses on issues concerning data privacy, data anonymization and social media participation.

2. Practical Application of Digital Ethnographic Approaches, Alessandro Gandini.

The talk centred on Alessandro's paper YouTube's network and the crowd-generated music categories: an exploratory investigation. Discussion was about the paper's methodology and data sampling using an API and YouTube videos.

3. Data Visualisation Session

Using a simple web application the group created a data visualisation based on data collected on the spot by participants.

(Meta) Methodology for Social Media Research

January 20th 2015. Hendon Campus, Middlesex University.

Guest speakers: Professor Balbir Barn and Franco Raimondi

The speakers explained the computing methodologies they had developed to undertake social media research. This was followed by discussion of how the University's computing Department might work with members of the cluster to develop new research projects.

Social Media Analytics

November 11th 2014. Hendon Campus, Middlesex University.

Guest speakers: Farida Vis (Sheffield University and PI of Picturing the Social , funded by the AHRC) Carl Miller (Director of the Centre for Analysis of Social Media, Demos).

Our speakers talked about their own extensive experience of researching social media and addressed the following questions:

  • How can we pursue social media research through data analytics?
  • What is important to research in relation to social media?
  • How can we use interdisciplinary expertise to develop these research projects?

In the afternoon workshops Carl and Farida advised the participants as they worked towards a presentation of three selected interdisciplinary research projects. The three projects are currently being developed further with a view to seeking research partners (see listing below).

Financial and administrative support was given by the School of Media and Performing Arts and the Centre for Ideas at Middlesex University. A full report and accompanying photos and presentation slides are available here.

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