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Strength and Conditioning at the London Sport Institute

Through our strength and conditioning research, we're improving athletes' performance by developing their strength and power while monitoring their fatigue and recovery.

We're also looking how to enhance speed and lunge performance in fencers and increase striking power – while determining better training methods – in combat sports.

Our research with British Fencing

We're currently working with British Fencing to investigate how to improve change of direction speed and lunge performance in fencers.

Enhancing striking power in combat sports

We're examining combat sports and looking at how to increase striking power. We're also interested in establishing training methods which optimise force and power output within the gym.

Our partnerships

We're proud to be working with Queens Park Rangers Football Club and the British Army Physical Training Corps, British National Fencing Academy and the scholarship athletes of Middlesex University (which includes previous and current Olympians and Paralympians).

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