Studying in autumn 2020 during coronavirus

BACNeuro research projects

A list of projects currently being undertaken by the BACNeuro research group

  • Plasticity for language revisited: different types of musical expertise and reading abilities in typical and dyslexic readers - Dr Fabia Franco, Dr Nicola Brunswick and Dr Jana Martiskova with Linda Kiakides (Guildhall School of Music and Drama)
  • Entrainment of neural oscillations and attention in touch using EEG - Dr Alexander Jones
  • Infant deployment of attention to different facial regions during song and speech - Dr Fabia Franco PI, Nina Polytimou PhD student, Tatiana Sobolewska GAA
  • Cognitive performance and physiological self-regulation with affect-matching / -mismatching music - Dr Fabia Franco with Dr Martine Van Puyvelde (Vrjie Universiteit, Brussels) and Joel Swaine (University of Hull, Department of Music)
  • Aphasia, dysgraphia and dysphasia – Dr Ilhan Raman and Professor Brendan Weekes
    The role of age of acquisition on memory - Dr Ilhan Raman, Dr Simay Ikier and Evren Raman.

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