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Unheard Voices Untold Stories

The Unheard Voices Untold Stories Research Cluster explores the history and present circumstances of subcultures, groups and individuals whose lives and choices are often ignored, marginalised, pathologised or otherwise discriminated against in mainstream/official histories and social overviews.

The remit of the cluster is finding/working with narrative accounts and personal experiences that offer diverse and nuanced perspectives to the ones we might first encounter or have presented to us.  Focusing on the social detail that is eliminated or ignored in the meta-narratives, the cluster actively seeks out and explores voices and stories that cannot neatly be put in existing frameworks.

Members of the cluster are filmmakers, writers, and performers engaging with ideas around with marginality and voice - small acts of resistance or protest, little known histories and unheard stories.

The UVUS cluster has experience collaborating with other disciplines as broad as healthcare, history, and gender studies; and has partnerships with museums, schools, heritage sites, theatres and galleries.

The UVUS cluster welcomes further collaborative proposals and partnerships.


The research within the cluster is predominantly practice-based and is focused around three overlapping themes:

  • Marginal Pasts - Representation and the state of representation of pasts
  • Small Revolutions - Small acts of resistance or protest
  • Unheard voices - Marginalised voices in fact and fiction

Read more about the current research being undertaken by the cluster.

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