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Please note: more recent research papers and updates are available on Researchgate.

Below is a list of papers, publications and reports related to the development of the Y-Comm architecture.

White Papers

Cambridge Wireless Testbed Papers

  • P. Vidales, J. Baliosian, J. Serrat, G. Mapp, F. Stajano, A. Hopper, Autonomic Systems for Mobility Support in 4G Networks. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Volume 23, Number 12, IEEE, December 2005.
  • David N. Cottingham, Pablo A. Vidales, Is Latency the Real Enemy in Next Generation Networks? First International Workshop on Convergence of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, July 2005.
  • P. Vidales, C.J. Bernardos, G. Mapp, F. Stajano, J. Crowcroft, A Practical Approach for 4G Systems: Deployment of Overlay Networks. (424kb) First International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the DEvelopment of NeTworks and COMmunities (Tridentcom 2005 Best Paper Award), IEEE Computer Society Press, February 2005.
  • Pablo Vidales, Leo Patanapongpibul, Glenford Mapp, Andy Hopper, Experiences with Heterogeneous Wireless Networks? Unveiling the Challenges.(211kb) Second International Working Conference on Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Heterogeneous Networks (HET-NETs), July 2004.


  • G. Mapp: Y-Comm in a nutshell, Report for the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, April 2009

Client-based Handover

Policy Management Mechanisms for Vertical Handover

Handover Architectures

Reactive  Policy Management Systems

  • Pablo Vidales, Seamless Mobility in 4G Systems. Technical report, UCAM-CL-TR-656, University of Cambridge, November 2005.
  • P. Vidales, R. Chakravorty, C. Policroniades, PROTON: A Policy-based Solution for Future 4G devices. 5th. IEEE International Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks (IEEE POLICY 2004), June 2004.

Proactive Policy Management Systems

Downward Quality-of-Service (QoS)

  • F. Shaikh, A. Lasebae and Mapp G. Client-based SBM Layer for Predictive Management of Traffic Flows in Heterogeneous Networks. ICTTA'06 2nd IEEE International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies: From Theory to Applications. April 24th – 28th 2006, Umayyad Palace, Damascus, Syria.
  • F. Shaikh, A.Lasebae and G. Mapp G. SBM Layer for Optimum Management of Co-existing Telemedicine Traffic Streams under Varying Channel Conditions in Heterogeneous Networks. (539kb) Proc. MIT'05. August 2005.


Mobile Servers and Services

QOS and Performance Evaluation

Ontology and handover

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