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Business and Management Research Case Studies

Business and Management Research Case Studies

Richard Croucher - National Minimum Wage

The work of Middlesex University Professor of Comparative Employment Relations, Richard Croucher, has helped strengthen the law when it comes to workers being paid the national minimum wage. At least 20,000 workers in the UK were thought to have been exploited by employers who were not paying the minimum wage.

Read more about Richard Croucher's research into the national minimum wage

Adi Weidenfeld - Knowledge Transfer and Innovations in European Cross Border Regions

The study focused on the more subtle cultural and cognitive differences between managers and customers (shoppers and tourists) from both sides of neighbouring regions in CBRs between Finland and Sweden as well as on the special characteristics of tourism innovation and knowledge transfer between cross border small tourism businesses in two CBRs.

Read more about Adi Weidenfeld research into KTIECBR 

Joe Corkin - Making Europe in their Image

Dr Joseph Corkin's research into telecommunications regulation in the EU, has been recognised by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the European Commission. Learn more about the impact of Dr Corkin's work.

Read more about Joseph Corkin's research...

Alessio D'Angelo - Empowering Social Firms

The Social Policy Research Centre has worked with Social Firms UK to develop a portal for new social firms.

Read more about Alessio D'Angelo's research into social firms...

Alessio D'Angelo - Kurdish and Turkish welfare needs

Advice from Middlesex's Social Policy Research Centre helps migrant communities weather hard times.

Read more about Alessio D'Angelo's research into migrant communities...

George Frynas - CSR in Oil and Gas

Managing expectations about the payoffs to local economies from oil and gas extraction is difficult and, historically, companies and governments have done a very poor job of it, according to Middlesex's Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Management.

Read more about George Frynas' research...

Fergus Lyon - Social Enterprise

Whether it be tackling social problems, improving communities or people's life chances, or the environment, social enterprise has attracted worldwide policy interest. Middlesex University has been leading ground-breaking research which examines the social enterprise phenomenon and how to assess its value.

Read more about Fergus Lyon's research...

Stephen Syrett - Enterprise Dynamics

In 2012, Professor Stephen Syrett, and the CEEDR team were commissioned by the borough of Barnet to research the enterprise dynamics of the Barnet economy.

Read more about Stephen Syrett's research...

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