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Health, Education and Psychology Research Case Studies

Joanna Adler - Domestic Violence Protection Orders

Domestic violence is one of the most hidden and intractable of crimes. Prosecuting perpetrators can take months or years, and can put the victim in even greater danger. Professor Adler's pioneering research into Domestic Violence Protection Orders, explores a new civil justice approach to the problem.

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Joanna Adler -The Forgiveness Project in Prisons

The Forgiveness Project's prison programme draws on counselling techniques and group work to encourage prisoners to develop empathy and emotional awareness. Prof. Joanna R Adler and Dr Mansoor Mir of Middlesex University's Forensic Psychological Services have worked with The Forgiveness Project to evaluate the impact of the programme on recidivism.

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Mariana Bayley - Polish Street Drinkers

In her research within the Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Mariana Bayley explores the lives and worlds of Polish street drinkers in London.

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Rhonda Cohen - The Science of Sport

Is a certain type of personality drawn to extreme sport? Are they extrovert, introvert, or one of life's sensation seekers? Dr Rhonda Cohen, Head of the London Sport Institute looks into the personality factors that facilitate success.

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George Dafoulas - MUSKET

When an organisation needs to upgrade its digital technology systems it must work out how to bridge the gap between old and new. In his research, Dr George Dafoulas explores how institutions and individuals deal with this change, and how they can use integrated systems more effectively.

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Anthony Goodman - Interethnic Drinking

Professor Goodman take an in-depth look at how teenagers drink - with some surprising results.

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Anthony Goodman - Macedonia

Macedonia calls on Middlesex's expert to advise on prison reform.

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Michael Traynor - Giving Nurses a Critical Voice

Putting a voice out there for nurses and midwives founded in academic thought is something Professor of Nursing Policy Michael Traynor is passionate about.

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Miranda Horvath - Office of the Children's Commissioner Inquiry

In November 2011, the Office of the Children's Commissioner began a two-year Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups (CSEGG). It appointed Middlesex's Dr Miranda Horvath to lead on a rapid evidence assessment.

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Miranda Horvath - Multiple Perpetrator Rape

Concerned by the lack of data and research surrounding multiple perpetrator rape, Dr Miranda Horvath teamed up with Jessica Woodhams (Birmingham University) to launch a British Psychological Society-funded project, Multiple Perpetrator Rape: Setting the Research Agenda Seminar.

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Miranda Horvath - Workshops on Sexual Violence

In 2011, Professor Miranda Horvath, Dr Jackie Gray and Dr Susan Hansen organised a one-day conference on sexual violence, attracting over 120 key practitioners, leading strategists, policy makers and academics working in the field from around the world. During the conference four keynotes, four debate sessions, 31 papers and 12 posters were presented.

Find out more about the conference...

Nic James - Performance Analysis

Professor James discusses how performance analytics can revolutionize the way we approach sport.

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Eleonore Kofman - Migrant Women

Migration is on the increase across the world, but a person's experience of it can be very different depending on their gender. Despite the variances in men's and women's situations as they tried to make new lives in new countries, the topic remained little studied when Middlesex's Professor Eleonore Kofman began to analyse them in 1992.

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Irena Papodopoulos - Intercultural Education of Nurses in Europe

Nurses and healthcare workers have skills that they can easily carry with them when they cross borders and practice in new countries, but are they culturally competent and do they deliver appropriate care in an increasingly diverse society? Do the teachers of healthcare professionals fully address their learning and teaching needs?

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Louise Ryan - Engaging Muslim Youth

When Louise Ryan and her team talked to 37 Muslim youths in the London borough of Barnet about their sense of identity, the majority had ambiguous feelings about "being British". What emerged from their study was a much more nuanced picture.

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Peter Ryan - PROMISE

A pioneering project, led by Middlesex University's Professor of Mental Health, Professor Peter Ryan, has explored the field of mental health education and training the implications of service user empowerment.

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Betsy Thom - Alcohol Improvement

Over a million people are admitted to hospital each year due to alcohol abuse. Did the Department of Health's effort to tackle the problem work? Middlesex expertise found out.

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Brooke Townsley - Lucentum Digital

How can you tell if an interpreter is accurately interpreting what they hear? Brooke Townsley, Senior Lecturer in Public Service Interpreting and Translation, leads on wide ranging research on the practice of language interpretation.

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Helena Wray - Controlling Marriage Migration

Dr Wray's recent project emerged from the debate over immigration, family immigration and integration and the increasing tendency of states to restrict family immigration.

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