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Science and Technology Research Case Studies

Andy Bardill - RAF Dornier

Making it fly: how redLoop brought a WWII bomber back to life. 

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Richard Bayford - Brain Imaging

Professor Richard Bayford is using his extensive experience in neurological disorders and brain stimulation to help alleviate symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

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Richard Bayford and Andrew Tizzard - Lung Imaging

Technology being developed at Middlesex University would save babies born prematurely from respiratory problems as they grow up.

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Rhonda Cohen - The Science of Sport

Is a certain type of personality drawn to extreme sport? Are they extrovert, introvert, or one of life's sensation seekers? Dr Rhonda Cohen, Head of the London Sport Institute looks into the personality factors that facilitate success.

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George Dafoulas - MUSKET

When an organisation needs to upgrade its digital technology systems it must work out how to bridge the gap between old and new. In his research, Dr George Dafoulas explores how institutions and individuals deal with this change, and how they can use integrated systems more effectively.

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Hemda Garelick - Access to Clean, Safe, Drinking Water

Access to clean, safe drinking water has been recognised by the United Nations as a human right, yet millions still don't have it. Middlesex University is at the vanguard of finding ways to ensure more people have access to safe water and the University's Professor Hemda Garelick is leading a major project investigating arsenic pollution in water and ways of tackling it.

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Wyn Griffiths - Fuel from Waste

Middlesex's design expertise helps Kenyans manufacture a cheaper, more sustainable alternative to charcoal.

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Simone Gristwood - Lansdown Project

In 2012, Dr Simone Gristwood received funds from the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art in order to investigate and study the work of R. John Lansdown, the polymath and passionate advocate of computer technology.

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Peter Johns - Argentium Silver

Imagine a silver that is brighter than platinum, white gold and traditional sterling, a metal that rarely needs polished because it doesn't tarnish or become dull. This is what Middlesex's Peter Johns did, but he did more than imagine it – he invented it.

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Lian Lundy - Sustainable Water Management

Stormwater flooding is an issue that effects all of us. Excess water caused by intense rainstorms doesn't just flood the homes, lives and businesses that we see all too frequently on the television news. Lian Lundy's research focuses on ways of dealing with pollution in urban water systems, particularly using Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

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Simon Read - Art and Landscapes / Tidal Protection

Simon Read, a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, lives on "Jacoba" a seagoing barge on the River Deben in Suffolk that inspires much of his creative flow and art. He works closely with his local community to monitor environmental impact on their surrounding landscape.

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Ivan Roitt - Centre for Investigative and Diagnostic Oncology

Cancer touches all of our lives. Professor Ivan Roitt, head of the Centre for Investigative is pioneering research that aims to reduce the number of people dying from the disease.

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Sue Tapsell - Flood Hazard Research Centre

With over 40 years of research knowledge and data, The Flood Hazard Research Centre has helped inform decision making on schemes that have saved the UK more than £3 billion in flood damages and protected hundreds of thousands of people.

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William Wong - CRISIS

Virtual reality software developed at Middlesex can stop an air emergency turning into a disaster

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