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Arrival and Enrolment

Explore London

We can’t wait to welcome you to our London campus, and for you to become an official Middlesex student.

There are lots of ways you can prepare to start your studies and settle in the UK by reading the information below.

We’re here to help

Catch-up with our webinars to find out more about how to prepare yourself for coming to the UK, and all the important things you need to know about enrolment.

What to pack

You will need clothes and shoes for all seasons as the climate in the UK varies from 14-30 degrees in summer to 1-5 degrees in winter. Most things you will be able to buy in the UK, so don’t worry if you can’t bring everything with you.

Read our suggested checklist

Healthcare options

You can decide to take out private medical insurance or to use the National Health Service which is the UK's state health service.

National Health Service (NHS)

If you are from Europe you will receive free medical care from the NHS. If you are from outside Europe you will receive free medical care as long as your course is longer than six months. You may need to pay a one-off surcharge to access NHS services as part of your visa application.

Visa application support


Take out travel insurance and contents insurance before you arrive. It's best to take out insurance specifically aimed at students.

  • Book your International Orientation programme

    The Orientation Programme is an introduction to your life in the UK and life as a Middlesex student. We arrange social activities so you can meet other students and make new friends including:

    • London boat tour
    • International Tea Party
    • Tips about studying from home
    • Webinar from our student services

    Our next Orientation Programme is Monday 12 - Friday 16 September 2022

    Book now

  • Travelling to the campus

    There are many different ways you can travel from major airports to the campus, including by bus, train, tube, and taxi.

    Find out more about your options

    You can use the TFL or Citymapper app to help you plan your journey before and during your travel.


    Citymapper app

University regulations and policies

Now you're joining us as a Middlesex student, it is important that you read and understand our regulations and policies so you know what to expect when you study here.

Read our regulations and policies

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