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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2020 to 2021

Exam cancellations and changes in 2021

We’ll support you to get to uni

This is a tough time for students with exam cancellations and changes on top of the challenges of lockdown.

So it’s important to remember that there’s good stuff coming up – like starting your dream uni.

If you’re applying for autumn 2021, here’s how we can help you get there.

We're being flexible with entry requirements

We want to give you the best possible chance of joining us. To do that, we take a personalised approach to admissions that’s centred around you.

We’ll always aim to be as flexible as possible. We look at your application on an individual basis and take into consideration any challenges you may have faced in your learning, because of coronavirus or other issues.

If you don’t quite get the results you need in the summer, we can consider more than your qualifications like your achievements in other areas and your personal statement.

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We’re keeping up to date with changes

If you’re an A-Level student, the government have announced that you’ll be assessed by your teachers instead of sitting exams this year. We’re still waiting for full details although we do know that grades will be decided differently than in 2020 as there were problems with that system.

If you’re a BTec student, January exams might go ahead depending on your school or college. The government haven’t confirmed plans for summer exams yet.

We’re following updates closely and we’ll work with exam boards, schools and colleges when we’re looking at your application. We’ll add more info here when we have it.

We understand that you’re worried

We get that you’ve been working towards your exams for a long time and you’re probably stressed about the impacts of exam cancellations and other changes. What happened with exams last summer might be on your mind too – and you might be waiting to re-sit because of that.

Remember that we’ll show up for you, even if things don’t go to plan. Like you, we hope that you’ll still have a chance to show what you can do – and get the results you need.

We'll support you now and when you start

It’s likely that there are some more challenges ahead. So we’ve got loads of extra support in place like help with your UCAS application and advice on things like money and uni.

Get info and advice now

Before you join us, we’ll get you feeling confident about starting your course and help you find your place in our supportive community.

Then when your course starts, you can make the most of lots of one to one support with academic, writing and numeracy skills as well as help with any personal challenges.

We'll see you soon!

We’re committed to doing all we can to welcome you Middlesex and get you through the next few months. It’ll all be worth it. We can’t wait to welcome you to our community – you’re going to love it!

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