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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2020 to 2021

Resources for your journey to uni

We're here to support you

We get it – this is a strange time to be thinking about applying to uni. You’re not alone though and we'll be here for you throughout your journey.

These videos and resources cover everything from doing your research to making an application and getting ready for your first term.

  • Checking out your options

Benefits of going to uni

Our guide breaks down the myths and rumours about continuing with your studies. Take a look to find out why uni could be your next step.

Benefits of going to uni

  • Choosing a university and course

    Watch our presentation for some helpful advice for making the right decision for your course and university.

  • Student life

    Get a fresh perspective on student life when you're at university. Check out our resource with key information on settling in and your Welcome to uni, balancing study time and free time plus things like finances and student support.

    Find out more about student life

  • Making your application

  • Introduction to UCAS

    Watch this useful guide for everything you need to know before you get started on your UCAS application.

A student sitting at a table on their laptop

Writing your personal statement

Your personal statement is an important part of your application to university as it tells the academics more about what you'll bring to your studies.

We've created some resources to help make yours stand out from the rest.

Take the personal statement quiz

Top ten tips for writing your personal statement

  • Preparing for uni

Student finance

Watch our presentation for up-to-date information on student finance including loans and fees.

Read our guide to funding

  • Tips for studying and learning remotely

    Watch our video for the latest recommendations on how to learn online and manage your mental health when you're studying at home.

  • Wellbeing and staying connected

    Now more than ever, keeping connected is key to everyone’s mental wellbeing. Watch our presentation with tips on how to stay healthy and connected.

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