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Student life

We have a range of resources to give your students a unique insight into what it's like to join our diverse, vibrant community at Middlesex University. There's practical information about campuses, accommodation and support services. And your students can explore the social side through our union, clubs, societies and entertainments.

Our students are at the heart of everything we do, so there's no one better to explain the Middlesex University experience. Our capable and enthusiastic Student Ambassadors are either currently studying with us or recent graduates. They'll be there to welcome you and your students at our events, giving their perspective on life at Middlesex, higher education and how their degrees have helped them post-university.

Becoming a student ambassador is a great way for students to make friends, have new and varied experiences, earn money and to enhance their employability. Students are able to sign up to the events they're able to work at, meaning the work is incredibly flexible and can easily be fitted around their studies. There is also the option of progressing to a Professional Ambassador, meaning students will be given more responsibility, such as visiting schools by themselves, giving presentations and representing the university without supervision. This is great for any CV. Even if students choose to keep working at the normal ambassador level, they will still pick up a large number of useful skills. These include working in a team, engaging with different groups and ages, communication skills, leadership, problem solving and increased confidence.

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