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MDX Life Skills

What is MDX Life Skills?

MDX Life Skills is a series of virtual events for students aged 14-18. The events are focussed on topics that aren’t typically included in traditional educational contexts but are often equally as important throughout life.

We want participants to join us for a variety of sessions focussed on mental fitness and wellbeing, how to use/save money as a student, how to de-stress, and skills to excel in a work environment.

Watch our Life Skills: Journey into Industry series of videos. These bite-size videos featuring current Middlesex students will focus on 5 students from diverse backgrounds, giving an insight into their personal journey to University, and their hopes for the next chapter.

Watch the first video in the series

You can re-watch our past Life Skills events which included:

Past Events

Life Skills: Wellbeing and Resilience

Wellbeing is fundamental for everyone and is instrumental to happiness and success. Along with some special partners, the MDX Life Skills Series seeks to introduce you to ways you can improve your wellbeing.

Watch our recorded sessions below:

  • What is stress? - Explore what stress really is: including your body's response to stress and how it might affect you.
  • Managing stress - This session is focused on tips and techniques to help you to manage and harness stress.

The events will be in conjunction with several delivery partners, including the FIKA mental fitness app.

In the past year FIKA have built a strong relationship with us at Middlesex and we are delighted for them to deliver two of the sessions in our first event.

Student Money Hacks

Whether you’re at school, college, or University. It’s never too early (or late) to learn tips and tricks on what to do with your money. Join current students to learn about ways to save and use money effectively,

Watch our recorded sessions below:

Work Smart - The Future

In these sessions, we focussed on getting you ready for the world of work, with a particular focus on the skills needed in the future.

Watch our recorded sessions below:

  • Skills for the Future: Learn which skills are going to be most important in 2025, how computers are stealing some jobs, and how they are making others easier.
  • Your Personal Brand: Learn how to use social media to create your online brand to improve employability and tips and tricks to improve your online presence.
  • Virtual interviews: Virtual and remote interviews are here to stay, learn the do’s (and don’t’s) of online interviews and how to ace them to get the job!
  • Our partners


Fika is a mental fitness mobile app, created by performance psychology experts. It empowers people and organisations with courses proven to impact the key psychological predictors of wellbeing, performance and satisfaction. Middlesex and FIKA have a close partnership, with Middlesex Students offered free use of the app.

The Brick Educator

Jamie Lawrence aka The Brick Educator is a LEGO Education Trainer certified by the LEGO Group to provide professional training and development to teachers and educational professionals focusing on using LEGO Education solutions to compliment the National Learning Curriculum. As well as providing training, Jamie hosts 'The Brick Educator: A Learning with LEGO Podcast' interviewing Teachers and LEGO professionals from across the globe as well as running LEGO based learning challenges on Instagram.

We are Conscious

In these unprecedented times, many people are feeling isolated, anxious and overwhelmed about an environment that is outside of their control. Use this period to help your teams look inwards to focus on the things that are really important and create life changing habits. We are Conscious organisational enlightenment helps organisations guide groups, from their current place of school or work,  through experiences that will help transform their mindset during isolation.

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