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Supporting students on Results Day

Results Day can be a time of great celebration for many students. For some students, however, this may be a time where they will need to make thoughtful but quick decisions on their next steps. As a university, we are here to guide students through the world of Clearing and help them to make these difficult decisions.

Importance of choice

The key thing that students need to remember is the wide range of choices available to them even if their results are not as expected.

Clearing offers the opportunity for students to apply for a different course or university to find the right learning environment for them. For some students, this may mean exploring the option of taking a foundation year, which will give them the knowledge and skills they need to pursue an undergraduate degree afterwards. Other students may prefer to take a gap year to build up their experience or resit exams to then reapply.

What should students have on results day for Clearing?

  • Their Personal ID so universities can find their UCAS application
  • Clearing Number (available on UCAS Hub if students have declined all offers or been rejected from firm and insurance choice)
  • Their results (both GCSE and for A-Levels/BTEC) and the subjects they have studied
  • The name of the course they would like to apply to

For more information on how the process works, read our tips for applying through Clearing.

How can students find Clearing places?

Students can find Clearing places through the UCAS search tool or directly through the university websites. You can have a look at our list of Middlesex courses in Clearing on the dedicated page.

To help students decide on where to go, they may look at Clearing campus tours which can be particularly useful if they are considering applying to a new university. Unibuddy is also a helpful online tool for speaking with current students at the university.

Can a student make their UCAS application on results day?

Sometimes students may be pleasantly surprised by their results or realise by the summer that they would like to pursue university. In this case, universities can then make a UCAS application for them for them to apply to courses through Clearing.

What next?

For students going to university, summer is a time for them to relax after the stress of exams and begin preparing for university. Many universities organise summer meet-ups which is a great opportunity for students to meet future classmates and help students feel more prepared. For those wishing to get a head-start on their learning, reading lists sent by university departments can also be an important preparation tool.

If you have any questions or would like to organise a presentation for your students, please email educationliaison@mdx.ac.uk.

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