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October Success Camp

Digital Success Camps

The Digital Success Camps were a free virtual camp full of fun video game design sessions delivered by Mark, a qualified teacher from Digital Schoolhouse. The skills developed in the camp can be further enhanced and showcased through our competition. Missed any sessions, re-watch all sessions on our YouTube channel.

Keeping students and their families entertained and learning together throughout the half term, the October Success Camp helped to build on background knowledge in important digital skills and help to develop students’ literacy and numeracy skills too. Watch the sessions on demand with sessions dedicated to the Digital Creators Competition.

Testimonials from parents:

‘Really great classes provided by the teachers’

‘She really enjoyed learning about video game design’

‘The Digital Creators Competition is a fun and educational activity for students aged 11-14 years old.

  • Designed with the KS3 curriculum in mind focussing on PSHCE, computing and literacy
  • Exciting video game design related prizes to be won
  • Judged by industry professionals, university lecturers and students

A promotional image from Gigantasaurus: The Game, depicting 3D virtual dinosaurs in a prehistoric setting. Underneath this are the words "October Success Camp" and the logo for Middlesex University London

Our partner: Digital Schoolhouse

We will be working with the incredible Digital Schoolhouse to deliver amazing sessions throughout the October Success Camp.

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