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October Success Camp

The October Success Camp and Digital Creators Competition

The October Success Camp has come to an end but fear not you can still enter our Digital Creators Competition.

This competition is designed to encourage the next generation of digital creators to learn and develop new skills. This will help students boost their knowledge in responsible web use and showcase their creativity and digital skills.

Last day to enter is Friday 15 January 2021.

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Welcome to the October Success and the Digital Creators Competition

The October Success Camp was a free virtual camp full of fun video game design sessions delivered by Mark, a qualified teacher from Digital Schoolhouse. The skills developed in the camp can be further enhanced and showcased through our competition. Missed any sessions, re-watch all sessions on our YouTube channel.

Keeping students and their families entertained and learning together throughout the half term, the October Success Camp helped to build on background knowledge in important digital skills and help to develop students’ literacy and numeracy skills too. Watch the sessions on demand with sessions dedicated to the Digital Creators Competition.

Testimonials from parents:

‘Really great classes provided by the teachers’

‘She really enjoyed learning about video game design’

‘The Digital Creators Competition is a fun and educational activity for students aged 11-14 years old.

  • Designed with the KS3 curriculum in mind focussing on PSHCE, computing and literacy
  • Exciting video game design related prizes to be won
  • Judged by industry professionals, university lecturers and students

Last day to enter: Friday 15 January 2021.

A promotional image from Gigantasaurus: The Game, depicting 3D virtual dinosaurs in a prehistoric setting. Underneath this are the words "October Success Camp" and the logo for Middlesex University London

  • Competition: Design a superhero to combat and defeat the evil supervillain App-Hacker

    • Your task

      App-Hacker the evil Supervillain has managed to hack his way into every app in the world, causing chaos and pandemonium. He has frozen and cleared bank accounts, stolen text messages and photographs, circulated fake news and even broadcasted a hypnotic screensaver that is gluing people to their phones like zombies.

      Who can save planet earth from digital disaster? Who can defeat the evil App-Hacker and what can they do to stop such a catastrophe happening again?

      Your task

      • Design a superhero to combat and defeat the evil App-Hacker (what is their name? What do they look and sound like?)
      • Identify some of the major problems that would occur if App-Hacker manages to take control of every app in the world. What could he do? What problems would this cause?
      • How could you make sure that it would never happen again? (What rules and laws would you make? Could you develop something that hasn’t even been thought of yet?)
      • You will need to be both creative and imaginative. Using visual, written, and if possible digital methods to create your submission. It is totally up to you how you complete the task.
      • You will need to research online safety and security and to demonstrate an understanding of different types of online safety and responsible web-use (passwords, hacking, personal data, identity protection etc).
    • Competition rules

      You will need to produce:

      • Creative artwork of your superhero: painting, drawing, slideshow, performance, video
      • Creative writing of your plans to ensure App-Hackers does not strike again
      • Or, an idea for a video game. This will include a prototype plan, artwork, a detailed description, and if possible a playable prototype.

      Entries must be submitted online.

    • Terms and conditions
      1. The competition is open to all students aged 11-14 years old.
      2. Pupils can only enter individually.
      3. Only one entry per pupil will be accepted.
      4. The closing date for the competition is 15 January 2021.
      5. No responsibility will be accepted for entries lost or delayed.
      6. Please note competition entries will not be deemed valid if the parent/guardian/teacher form is not uploaded alongside the competition entry.
      7. The panel of judges will include at least one member who is independent of the promoter. The decision of the judges is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
      8. The first prize will be awarded to the entry deemed by the judges to have designed the best super hero and the most imaginative and best thought out plans to combat the app-hackers and ensure this does not happen again
      9. There is no cash alternative for any prize in this competition.
      10. We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions and will be updated on this website.
      11. Middlesex University reserves the right to reproduce and utilise in whole or in part the entries submitted by pupils for information, publicity and promotional purposes.
      12. Entering this competition implies full and complete acceptance of these terms and conditions of which entry instructions form a part. Promoter: Middlesex University The Burroughs, Hendon, London NW4 4BT (Please DO NOT send entries to this address. Thank you.)
  • October Camp Videos

    Prepare for the Digital Creators Competition by watching videos from the October Success Camp

    • Expand your learning through new experiences in video game design
    • All our videos are connected to clever and creative projects with some sessions specially focussed on the competition

    Check out the YouTube playlist

  • Watch our short video to find out all about our Digital Creator Competition and our top tips on how to win!

  • Prizes

    • 1st Prize: 1 year subscription to Construct 3 and a gaming headset
    • 2nd Prize: 1 year subscription to Construct 3 and Star Wars coding kit
    • 3rd Prize: Star Wars coding kit
  • How to enter the competition

    1. Read the competition rules above
    2. Missed any sessions? Watch on demand on our YouTube channel

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Our partner: Digital Schoolhouse

We will be working with the incredible Digital Schoolhouse to deliver amazing sessions throughout the October Success Camp.

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