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Secondary Schools

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to attend university, and enjoy all the experiences, learning and development that accompany it. Encouraging young people to set their sights high, we help them achieve their ambition of attending university and lay the foundation for a fulfilling, challenging and inspiring career.

We offer a range of events for your pupils, especially to those who may not consider going on to higher education. The aim of all of our activities is to build aspiration, let pupils know what opportunities are available and share our knowledge and advice in an approachable and friendly way.

Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark is our exciting progression scheme for schools This scheme is a combination of various educational, interactive and aspiration raising activities offered to students from specific schools over a 5 year period, starting from Year 7 to Year 11. Visit the website, or to learn more about the scheme click here.

IntoUniversity Activities for Supplementary Schools

We are proud to work with IntoUniversity on their Higher Education in FOCUS programme. IntoUniversity deliver a package of aspirational learning sessions for students of supplementary schools. The sessions are designed to provide specialist advice to students about progression to higher education, whilst being engaging and aspirational. For more information about IntoUniversity activities please visit their website.

Here to Help

To find out more about our on-campus and in-school activities and events please email us

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