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MDX Talk Series

Why is talking important?

The explosion in the availability of various types of social media has led to a greater ambient cacophony at a time when there are pressing debates that ought to be conducted within society. This talk series is designed to engage some of these contemporary issues, with the talks providing the latest thinking on these topics, delivered by well established academics with a history of engagement on these subjects at national and global levels.

The talks in this series explore controversial issues surrounding law, sociology, criminology and politics in the UK, in Europe, and within the wider global community. The talks ought to serve as a forum to engage young minds with the burning questions of the day.

Aligned to A Level curriculum and undergraduate programmes on offer at Middlesex and elsewhere, this series would be suitable for students who are currently studying, or intend to study: law, sociology, government and/or politics, and English. Our academics will come to your school or college to deliver the talk at a pre-agreed date and time, on a first-come, first-served basis. We would also be happy to hear from you about other analogous topics that may be relevant based on your own curriculum and how it intersects with our subject expertise.

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Getting away with it: white collar crime and society's feeble efforts at curbing it

Vincenzo Ruggiero

Does law have the necessary tools to tackle growing inequality or is it merely a club for the privileged?

Joshua Castellino

The migration crisis: is the whole world moving around and about to crash into Europe's borders?

Eleonore Kofman

Drugs, crime and criminal justice: challenges for policy and practice

Karen Duke

The gangs of London

Simon Harding

You may be shouting, but we can't hear you: political movements and their growth

Emma Dowling

Morality/Justice in law

Joshua Castellino

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