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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2021

Diana Voroneca

Diana Voroneca_Latvia

BA Product Design student from Latvia

"Thanks to my course I've improved my knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Solid Works and much more. Middlesex University helps and supports me in developing skills needed to perform in public, and explains how to present ideas and projects to the broader audience or work with a particular client. The best thing about the University is that we work on real life projects with real clients.

My main interest is the innovation in the technology and user experience development. Therefore I have done my internship with Red Loop, a design and innovation centre that works closely with Middlesex University.

The University has amazing facilities. It's a great joy to have all that available and supervised by great people. The sports court is one of my favourite places on campus – the important role of sports is well recognised by the University.

My academic teachers are the most brilliant minds in this industry. Everything they teach me is important and helpful. I know much more about this industry than my friends in similar courses at other universities."