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Gintare Mockute

Student stories

Gintare Mockute, BA Human Resource Management, Year 2

Gintare Mockute"It was hard to decide where to study in London as I had a few choices. However, I chose Middlesex University and I am more than happy about my decision. BA Human Resource Management is not very popular in Lithuania and people do not know a lot about it; when I say to my friends what I am studying, usually they ask: 'What does that even mean?' Actually, it was the main question for me too, before coming to study this subject. I could describe it as a course where you learn how to manage employees and satisfy them. The course is interesting, as you always analyse how you would like to be managed and compare it with your current workplace. During two years I have learnt a lot of theories and a lot of practical things. The best thing about Middlesex University is that I have never imagined that lecturers would help students so much. They are always available when you have any issues, questions or just want to show them the work you have done to get advice. Moreover, the Learning Development Centre is a great place as people there are pleased to help you to get the best grades as possible.

With the facilities and services which this University provides, it is a pleasure to learn. I recognise that during my studies it is important to keep being motivated. Academic teachers inspire you to try your best and remind you about the meaning of your studies. It is hard to lose motivation with such support.

I would not change my decision for anything. This university already prepared me for the future by providing the theoretical knowledge and practical experience."