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Nerijus Racas

Student stories

Nerijus Racas, BA Human Resources Management, MUSU- Democracy & Involvement Committee, Pres. of Baltic Sea Society, Year 3

Nerijus Racas"Middlesex University education is equal in standard to the top Lithuanian universities. Individual development is heavily emphasised and students are expected to work independently. Middlesex has a lot of Lithuanian students studying a range of different subjects, so you won't be lonely. Moreover, I currently work at the Baltic Sea Society, which has regular social meetings and helps Lithuanian students meet their potential while studying at Middlesex University.

 Aside from my studies I'm also actively involved in the Middlesex University Student Union (MUSU). It is an independent non-profit organisation that represents and supports students as well as constantly improving Middlesex University based on feedback from students. As a consequence, I know that Middlesex University has changed tremendously over recent years. I must admit I get jealous seeing how much is on offer to new students".