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Scholarships and funding

Middlesex scholarships and awards

We are pleased to offer a range of international scholarships and merit awards to international students. Scholarships of up to £5000 are available depending on academic qualifications.

Visit our scholarships page for a list of all Middlesex scholarships you may be eligible for.

Other scholarships

You can also apply to a variety of private agencies and charities for scholarships, bursaries and grants to study in the UK. For more information visit the British Council website or the UK Council for International Student Affairs website.

Paying your fees

Please see below videos and information for how to pay your university fees.

Once you print off the quote you will have two options, either take the quote to a bank and ask them to carry out the transaction for you or carry out the transaction using telephone or on-line banking.

Please ensure that you carry out the transaction according to the quote. If you select Moroccan currency, the bank must transfer in Moroccan currency – please bear in mind that Western Union have a Moroccan account in USA, please ensure that your Bank does not transfer in US dollars when you have selected Moroccan currency.

Please do not confuse Western Union retail with Western Union business – they are two entirely different Businesses.

If you have any questions, please can contact Western Union directly by calling 01733 871 871

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