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Tereza Červeňová


BA Photography

Tereza Červeňová, BA Photography, had her work selected for the prestigious Taylor Wessing prize at the National Portrait Gallery in London, chosen from over 5,000 submissions from across the globe, during her third year at Middlesex University. She says:

"My tutors have helped me recognise my strengths and push them forward. They have encouraged and supported me in achieving my goals and they have been there for me not only as academics and technicians but also as people and friends. 

"My time at Middlesex University has been an incredible experience, where the tutors have been preparing us to face the real world by inviting visiting lecturers and speakers from the industry and encouraging us to find were we want to be and where we belong in the photography world.

"I've seen so many of my fellow students, including myself, grow as photographers and well as people.  The course and the people who run it create an atmosphere where most of the students don't want to leave in the evening and come early in the morning to keep on working. And that, I think, speaks for itself."