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Erandi Perera

Erandi Perera_Sri Lanka

MA Marketing Management

I have been working for an international shipping company- Yang Ming (UK) Limited as a Senior Operations Executive for the last few years. I decided to complete my Masters at Middlesex University in year 2011 since I wanted to further expand my knowledge and career prospects in the field of marketing. Having conducted my own research, I found out that Middlesex University is considered to be one of the most prestigious Universities in London with well equipped modern facilities. Hence, I decided to pursue my Masters here.

My experience at Middlesex University has been amazing in all aspects and has added some of the most memorable moments to my life. The University provided a solid platform and a great exposure to both international and local students to share different cultures and values. The friendly and supportive staff, the modern and well equipped facilities and peaceful surroundings of the University were always an energy booster and eased the pressure of studies.

Resuming studies along with the pressure of work has been the most crucial part of my life for which I had to experience many challenges. Each module provided a highly theoretical background to the existing knowledge of my day to day marketing experience and I managed to blend these combinations during the Coursework, Seminars and various other Group Discussions. This momentum kept me motivated throughout the whole period of my studies. The constant guidance and motivation from the Lectures enabled me to complete this most crucial journey of my life with great success.